Osokoya Adewumi is the initiator of Just A Smile initiative.  He is diligent and dedicated. He works as a support staff with the biggest law firm in the Middle East. He is also with vast knowledge on contemporary issues and how to make things work out at a minimal cost.

He is always involved in all parts of the organization, from engaging with the volunteers to leading meetings and drafting partnership contracts from companies and individual donors. In order words, He embraces the impossible and plots the course of our daring future.

He has been working and living in Dubai since 2014 and periodically visit Nigeria his darling country as a patrotic citizen. Not forgetting where he comes from, and how he started led to the founding of Just A Smile Initiative as a means of giving back to his society even though he doesn’t have millions. He believes so much that giving is not in quantity but quality.

He has a bigger passion less privileged become full priviledged, nothing drives him more than seeing natural smiles of every individual he encounters. His hobbies are simple, putting smiles on people’s face, soccer and movies are what he spends leisure time on.